NEW YORK, NY, June 19, 2008 – McCormick Distilling Company’s eco-friendly 360 Vodka today announced that it will partner with one of the winners of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards™ to create several handbags that use the raw materials from 360 Vodka’s outdoor advertising billboards.

Helen Marcoschamer, a designer and co-founder of Ecoist, was named the first-ever winner of the Independent Handbag Designer Awards’ “Best Green Handbag” award at a presentation ceremony that took place yesterday. Marcoschamer’s winning handbag used only sustainable, recycled and organic materials to create the final design.

In addition to being recognized as the country’s best green handbag designer, Marcoschamer will collaborate with McCormick Distilling to create a uniquely designed handbag that utilizes the billboard material from 360 Vodka’s outdoor advertisement that appeared in Times Square. The billboard was part of 360 Vodka’s 2008 advertising campaign for the eco-friendly brand, which reminds consumers to “Blend In. Stand Out”.

The “Blend In. Stand Out” campaign's primary message centers on 360 Vodka’s environmentally-responsible philosophy, and it also appeals to those who wish to effectively balance green living with high luxury and design. Marcoschamer will integrate this idea into the new handbag’s custom design.

“It is an exciting opportunity for us to partner with such a talented designer,” said Vic Morrison, Vice President of Marketing for McCormick Distilling. “She will be able to take the materials from our billboard and create something extraordinary and wearable. Sustainability is what our company is all about, and in this case it’s nice to see our efforts come full circle in this way.”

Marcoschamer was one of six designers, from six different categories, to receive top recognition by Handbag Designer 101. The Independent Handbag Designer Awards is the only design competition of its kind in the world for handbag designers to receive credibility and recognition to stand out in today’s competitive accessory market. This year, over 600 applications were received from around the world ranging with diverse backgrounds from South Dakota to Colombia to Lithuania.

“I’m thrilled with 360 Vodka’s sponsorship of the first ever ‘Best Green Handbag’ category,” said Emily Blumenthal, founder of Handbag Designer 101 and the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. “360 is the ideal brand to support Marcoschamer and her next endeavor in the fashion industry. A collaboration like this is just one example of how we can live a chic and eco-conscious lifestyle.”

The partnership between 360 Vodka and Marcoschamer will provide a platform for both brands to showcase the “green” lifestyle combining luxury and eco-awareness.

About McCormick Distilling Company
McCormick Distilling, located in historic Weston, Missouri, was founded in 1856 and is the oldest continuously operating distillery west of the Mississippi. The McCormick portfolio of products includes nationally and internationally distributed brands such as McCormick Vodka, Tequila Rose and its new flavors Tequila Rose Java and Tequila Rose Cocoa, Tarantula Tequila, McCormick Irish Cream Liqueur, Wiser’s Deluxe Canadian Whiskey, Polar Ice Vodka, Tarantula Azul and Tarantula RTD’s. The company’s first ever eco-luxury brand, 360 Vodka, won the Beverage Tasting Institute’s 2007 Gold Medal award, and the 2008 Rising Star award given by the Beverage Information Group. Additional information on the privately-held corporation may be found at www.mccormickdistilling.com and on360 Vodka at www.vodka360.com.

Handbag Designer 101, the handbag designer resource, was inspired by the need for the handbag designer, aficionado and fan in all of us as one knows we can never have too many bags. Handbag Designer 101 and Independent Handbag Designer Awards trademarks are owned by handbagdesigner101.com, a privately held company based in New York City.

About Ecoist
Founded in 2004, Ecoist develops fashion accessories for the eco-minded individual. The company’s objective is to merge design with social and environmental consciousness to provide stylish, functional, and durable products that people will love to own. All products are made from recycled, organic, or earth-friendly materials, and are manufactured through a network of fair trade partnerships around the world.

Ecoist is mostly known for its line of handbags made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soda labels and its growing list of partners such as Coca-Cola, AVEDA, and Cliff Bar, among others. However, over the past few years, Ecoist has been partnering with eco-minded designers to market new products made from recycled movie billboards, recycled soda-can pull-tabs, as well as organic fabrics.

As part of its commitment to environmental restoration, Ecoist plants a tree for every handbag sold.

For additional information about Ecoist, 360 Vodka and McCormick Distilling Company, Inc. please contact:

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