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ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS - the leading brand of non-toxic household products - world’s largest brand of 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable bags.
ECO-FASHION - created by U2's Bono, his wife Ali Hewson, and Rogan Gregory. - redefines sustainability with design that gives back to the Earth. - really cool jeans made from organic cotton.  - Check out this very cool company that is dedicated to providing the best quality repair for any degree of worn, tattered, or falling apart denim. - unique designer of Alpaca garments (100% natural) - Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle for the Eco & Socially Conscious (100% natural)
CLIMATE CRISIS / NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS  - Join Leonardo DiCaprio, Sen Hillary Clinton, Laurie David, Al Gore, and many others in the virtual march. - Al Gore's amazing MUST SEE documentary about Global Warming. - Check out Green Roofs Initiative, Future Fashion, and other projects by Earth Pledge. Very cool stuff ! - Climate: One Degree - a video-centric, interactive web experience presenting both general information and bringing into focus how climate change is affecting people’s daily lives. 
 NATURE & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION - send someone a tree as a gift ! select from many different types.