Ecoist is a company that has a soul. We’re not just selling products, we’re doing something that is making a positive change in the world.

We practice fair trade. Our mission is to create high quality fashion without
the exploitation of workers and the environment that is too often present in
our industry.

We set-up our own manufacturing facility in Peru to leverage the artisanal talent embedded within its indigenous culture and as an opportunity to support an impoverished community. We care for each and every one of the artisans.
They are the ones that put their skills and love into making our products.

We are proud to pay fair and meaningful wages, not the minimum wages that dominate the industry, while offering high quality products at reasonable prices. We offer a clean and safe working environment and a job opportunity that lets mothers contribute to household income and spend time with their families.

For the workers that meticulously make our handbags, it is a blessing. For us, it’s just a part of being Ecoists.

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