HelenHelen Marcoschamer.
Born in Mexico, Helen is one of the founders of Ecoist and a pioneer in the recycled candy wrapper concept. With no formal fashion or design education, Helen’s natural talent and hands-on experience designing patterns and unique shapes have allowed Ecoist to continuously develop eye-catching, functional, and stylish handbags.

HelenNazly Villamizar.
Born in Colombia, Nazly’s edgy and futuristic style has fused a special flavor into the Ecoist concept. With a background working for Sony Music as a Fashion Stylist, her keen design talent is a perfect match for Ecoist's progressive approach to fashionable and functional green designs.

HelenEmiliano Godoy.
Born in Mexico, Emiliano is a Industrial designer with many professional and academic accomplishments. He holds degrees from Pratt Institute’s graduate program (New York, 2004), BA degree in industrial design from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City, 1997) and furniture design studies from the Danish Design School (2003). He runs the design firm Godoylab, and is the design director of the furniture manufacturer Pirwi. Emiliano has worked for companies such as Nouvel, Weidmann, Lacoste, ALIS/MOOA, Pepsico, Holland Chemical International (HCI), Pipeline Integrity International (PII), Pipetronix, WESCO Distribution, el Museo de la Ciudad de México, Proteak, among others.